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Let’s Talk HORMONES...

When Hormones are Adequate and Balanced, Good Things Happen. When They’re not — The Challenge Is Real!

Every woman needs not only the right tools but the right strategies and accurate information to successfully navigate through each phase.

Expert guidance plus your knowledge and active participation is a powerful combination.

If diminishing hormones is derailing your life, we can help.

If you want to able to say, “I’m myself again” our commitment is to be the people that help you to get there.


Here Are Some Of The Physical & Mental Symptoms, Pains, And Changes That May Occur Without Adequate Hormones…

The Menopause Method is a Comprehensive Approach to Treating the Many Symptoms and Physical Changes Of Diminished Hormones That Women Suffer Continuously With For Decades.
By switching over to bioidentical hormones in an all-organic natural oils base, you are replenishing your bodies hormone levels in the safest, healthiest and most elegant way.


It’s time that we take your medical care into the 21st century. No longer do you need to travel across town to visit your doctor: consult with your doctor online from the safety and comfort of your home.

Even going to the pharmacy to fill a prescription doesn’t have to happen. Everything will be shipped to your doorstep.



Bioidentical hormones are derived from plant estrogens and are chemically identical to those the human body produces. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA are among those most commonly used in treatment.

These natural hormones were produced primarily in your ovaries. They are crucial to an enormous range of body functions.



We’re very excited to announce that we’ve rolled out a one of a kind new app that will make the process that much easier!

Why Organic Matters...

If you are a current user of topically applied hormones, you will rub more than a quart a year of the traditionally used hormone bases into your skin.

99% of the product in your hormone bottle is the base, and that base nearly always contains a strong chemical potentially toxic solvent as well as chemical additives.

Menopause Method hormone formulations are different.

We use only 100% certified organic oil bases, and our products contain zero chemical solvents. The hormones you currently use can easily be prepared in our base.

The key difference to you will be the comforting knowledge that you are rubbing the world’s gentlest oils on your skin. Same hormones, superior delivery. It’s that simple.

How It All Works

Fill out some basic onboarding information and schedule your initial telemedicine consultation with your doctor to go over it.
We send out your Menopause Method Welcome package along with your kickstart hormone package.
Over time and via Telemedicine, your Menopause Method doctor or nurse practitioner walks you through a process of consultations, refining your dosage needs and testing your hormone levels

Hear From Happy Healthy Women Who Have Refound Their Youth

Meet The Man

Behind the method

I began helping women replenish their hormones over bioidentical hormones over 25 years ago. Like no other area of medicine, I found the results to be dramatic and thus rewarding (it’s fun to change lives!).

Over the years, it became more and more obvious to me that getting it right matters. We’re working with hormones, after all, and hormones are powerful. Each woman is unique and so varied in her particular needs, in how she absorbs hormones, in the balance that will be right for her, and in so much more.

I believe in rigor, in the comprehensive study of the medical literature, in staying state-of-the-art, and in menopause as a specialization. So much is at stake! From the immediate relief that women experience, to the longterm support that hormones offer.

I love what I do. I’m thankful to be part of this.

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Bioidentical hormones are identical to what our bodies produce. This is unlike traditionally prescribed hormones which are intentionally different from our own (nothing that can be found in the human body can be patented).

Most people use the word “replacement”. We love “replenishment” because it represents, for us, the true nature of these hormones. They don’t replace anything! Our bodies never stop needing hormones and yet our capabilities to produce them declines with time. Replenishing hormones makes a world of difference for almost every element of the human body.

Email your doctor

One of the easiest ways to get your doctor started is to copy and paste this link into an email and send it to her (or him): www.menopausemethod.com/organicbase

There, she will find all that she needs to get started prescribing your hormone prescriptions in our organic base.

Also… we’re happy to help! You can always call us (941) 220-5444