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Important fact: Hormones come in a base. In fact, more than 99% of what’s in that bottle or jar is base. Why does this matter? Because hormones want to separate and rise to the top. To keep the hormones evenly distributed, it ordinarily takes a strong solvent such as propylene glycol!

Our base is 100% organic and contains zero solvents.

It matters what we put on our skin because it will be absorbed. A woman taking hormones applies more than a quart a year of base. Wow!

Your hormones can come in our base!

One of the most important steps a woman can take to improve and maintain her health is to get on properly prescribed hormones: A lower risk of cancer (including breast cancer) and a list of benefits that goes on and on.

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  • Dr. R is a “Triple C” in my book: Competent , Caring, Compassionate, I am arguably one of his trickiest patients, if not the trickiest from a medical standpoint. Thanks to Dr. R’s expertise, perseverance and patience, my quality of life has dramatically improved. I am eternally grateful to him for this. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. R!

    Sheree M.
  • Finding Dr. Rosensweet was a HUGE relief to me! For years I had struggled to Find a Specialist who would be able to help me with my persistent, yet complicated symptoms and health challenges. It didn’t take long for me to discover that Dr. Rosensweet is one of the top medical doctors and experts in the field of women’s health and hormones in particular. This alone was amazing, but I soon learned that he was also a tremendously caring and gentle soul who proved to be truly committed to me as a patient and as a person. He devoted the time and attention necessary to my case until we found the answers I needed and my health started to improve! To this day, I feel forever grateful and indebted to the care of Dr. Rosensweet and will always consider knowing him a blessing.

    Amy F.
  • This system is life changing!

    Renae B
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