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    Jenifer Z

    When I was in my mid thirties I had my hormones tested to have some reference point for the future menopausal me. Less than ten years later I did another test and found that I had half the progesterone and depleted testosterone. I was surprised! Really in retrospect I realized that I shouldn’t have been because I had so many of the symptoms, they just weren’t the super obvious hot flashes or a stopping of my cycle. I had the kind of things that I mistook for midlife crisis, or exhaustion from raising a family, or the struggles of surviving a severe economic downturn. I had lost self confidence and decisiveness, I was exhausted, and always felt worried. I should have spotted it, but instead thought maybe I was depressed or that I just wasn’t good at being a mature able woman. Wow,if I had started bioidenticals then, it would have felt so different entering middle age, I just didn’t realize this could start in your thirties! Our bodies going into perimenopause can just feel like life is hard and we aren’t as up for it as we thought we were, but really it’s just a time to get that extra support, which can be hard to face. I wonder how many of us think we are in midlife crisis! I have gotten so much of my energy back and my state of mind is so much more positive, it’s a huge relief to feel really present and able again! I hope the word gets out about how this goes for women, since it’s timing is different for all of us. It isn’t just waiting for us way out there in later life!

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