• Proper treatment for menopause begins with finding the right medical practitioner (this is why training doctors is our primary mission). If you are looking for someone near you, a good place to start is our Find-a-doc below. We’ll do our best to connect you to a practitioner in your area that will help you to find your proper dosages and that prescribes hormones in an organic base. If you believe your existing practitioner might be interested in getting started, we might be able to help there too.
  • Dr. Rosensweet’s newest book, Happy Healthy Hormones:How to Thrive in Menopause.
  • If you already have your first prescriptions and are ready to get started, then your next step is to watch the two videos below. Their purpose is to help you find your right hormone dosages, and then to understand where (on your skin) and when to apply them.

Getting started with your new hormones:

  • Hormones can help in so many ways. Not only can they reduce the symptoms of menopause, but they can help to protect your bones, your muscles, your arteries, your brain, and your bladder too. Our goal is to help you make this hormone replenishment process as elegant as possible: the correct amount of each hormone, at the right time(s) of day, applied to the right places (each hormone has its own spots). Welcome!

Instructions on how, where, when and how much to apply of your new, organic-based, bio-identical hormones.

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