What employers appreciate

The financial benefit to the practice:

Menopause medicine at its best requires an average of 2.3 (additional) billable hours in the first year per patient (plus one additional hour per year thereafter).

So… if you specialized in menopause and the doctors in your practice referred the majority of their menopausal-aged patients to you, how many hours per week would you estimate you could fill? This is how it could translate to the bottom line:

The “repeat and referral” benefit:

Menopausal women often feel immense relief from treatment. There is nothing like bringing tangible benefit to increase patient enthusiasm and loyalty!

We all know when we’re dealing with a specialist; the difference is palpable. Your patients will understand that you have dedicated yourself to this and their commitment to you will reflect it.

The complete system benefit:

We have built systems and tools for every stage and every step of diagnosis and treatment. If you commit yourself to menopause medicine, you will quickly become proficient in it.

Evidence based:

  • We’ve built our methods and educational material around the medical literature; more than 600 medical references.
  • Some of our tools
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