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The benefits of bioidentical hormone replenishment are numerous and proven…

Why treatment in general?

As your female patients move into the menopausal phase of their lives, uncomfortable symptoms may appear rapidly and without warning. They include sleep disturbances, a significant drop in energy levels, irritability, the dreaded ‘hot flashes,’ loss of interest in sex, memory problems, and unexplained weight gain. With a trained menopause specialist in your practice, you are in a powerful position to effect real and lasting change for your patients, and protect their health well beyond the symptoms of hormone deficiency listed here.

Medical literature tells us that expertly prescribed bioidentical hormones reduce the risk of serious medical diagnoses, including breast cancer, when directly compared with no treatment at all.

Why our method?

We’ve been doing this a long time! Everything we’ve put together would take years of trial-and-error to replicate. The Menopause Method will save you time, guide you through all of the latest in research and references, give you all of the forms and tools your staff and patients will need, and help you to thrive in menopause medicine. With us here to help, adding a menopause specialist can be an gratifying and lucrative new service to offer your patients… in record time.

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