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A natural addition to your practice

Are you looking for an additional service to offer your patients? Consider adding a menopause specialist! Your entire female patient base over forty (starting in perimenopause) will benefit, and your practice will have an entirely new, significant, revenue stream.

We make it easy to implement, giving you a complete system, ongoing support, and all the education you and your staff will need to thrive.

A boost to your business as a whole:

Patients feel immediate relief and significant benefits from menopausal treatment. Because of this, they want to share their experiences with their friends… who are often going through the very same thing.

Not only will this help build your menopausal practice, it will also draw more women into your office, giving them the opportunity to experience the benefits of everything else your practice has to offer.

Your success matters to us

We have been committed to menopause medicine for more than twenty years, and understand that the healing professions are both a calling and a business. We’re here to help you grow while simultaneously bringing more good to the world.

For this to be a fit for you, there are probably some large questions about who we are, what we do, why we do it, and most importantly, do we fit with your practice and your beliefs. All questions are important and valid! Book an appointment here to talk to our founder or give us a call: 941-202-5957

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