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Designed for Physicians and Nurse Practitioners in active practice:

Implementable training. Office tools. Menopause questionnaires. Application and titration videos and treatment program charting documents for your patients. Vendor list of labs and pharmacies. Everything is built with this in mind: “Do doctors need it? Will they use it? Have we clearly and simply communicated it? Will it radically improve their practice?”

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The Menopause Method

A comprehensive, education and medical practice menopause treatment system.


An Organic Base

Everything you need to start prescribing hormones in an organic base.

Tools and Supplies

For You and Your Office

Questionnaires, calculators, patient dose determination cards…
everything we have to help your office run efficiently and your treatment programs to proceed elegantly.

Like any specialty, menopause medicine requires precision, best-practice methods, checklist organization, and adequate training. Years on the lecture circuit have shown me that levels of proficiency are widely erratic. This is not from desire – almost all doctors in my experience care to do their very best – but from inadequate training.

Our method is designed to give you everything you need to run an efficient menopausal practice and to give you all of the training, testing, and guidance you need to practice excellent medicine.


Daved Rosensweet MD


How We Can Help Your Practice…

Practical, evidence-based, menopause medicine: Everything you need to accurately determine dosages, test, and prescribe bio-identical hormones in an organic base.

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Success Stories

  • Thank you for a wonderful seminar. I think that the 1.5 day could have been twice as long to share all the information. I am reviewing the information and am trying to put it all together in my mind. Again, thank you for sharing your experience, wisdom and time!

    Amy Votta ARNP
  • This material gives me the confidence I need to feel like I am giving excellent and safe care to women...

    Drue Wagner M.D.
  • Thanks for the seminar. It was great!

    Doreen DeStefano ND
  • Dear Dr. Rosensweet, The conference was wonderful. Such good info, thought out for patient’s and providers. I had a really good feeling the whole week-end. I want to let people know what you have done for women and their hormone problems! I am really excited to get started. And thanks for such wonderful knowledge (yours) info, research, organization and caring.

    Sharon Krieger ARNP
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