The overall objective of this certification program is to create an education, implementation and mentorship structure which facilitates participants in achieving a mastery of menopause medicine. Upon completion of all lessons, quizzes, tests (both written and oral), and requisite case presentations, graduates will be given certification. Those practitioners enrolled in our Certification Program will be the first to be chosen to receive referrals from our “Find a Specialist” program (referral requests that come from any state you are licensed in, for in-office visit, or via Telemedicine).


All health professionals in the Menopause Method (MM) Certification Program agree to implement all Guidelines of the Menopause Method. These Guidelines are determined by the Medical Board of the MM chaired by Daved Rosensweet M.D. The board currently consists of all members of the Certification Program, both certified and enrollees. The board will be responsible for adding to or amending the existing Guidelines.

  1. VideoPowerpoint educational videos: Completion of all segments (13 hours)
  2. Pass all segment-associated quizzes.
  3. Pass final written and oral examinations.
  4. Treatment Checklist to be implemented with each patient.

    • Patient Agreement, signed
    • Questionnaires (4)
      Practitioners shall utilize the four Menopause Method questionnaires with all menopause patients
    • Review risk and benefit information with patient at first visit
      Practitioners will not attempt to override a woman’s lingering fears of treatment and will decline or postpone treatment when appropriate.
    • Prescriptions
      Organic base shall be the first choice for Rx. Practitioners may utilize other vehicles or p.o. forms of DHEA &/or progesterone when required for optimal treatment.
    • Utilize Starter Kits
    • Offer Dose Determination and Topical Application Videos
      embedded in your website or your patients emailed a link to ours
    • Utilize the three Hormone dose calculators:
      2nd Consultation
      Rx Converter: 3rd and subsequent consultations
      Bi-Est Ratio Calculator
    • Order 24 hour urine hormone testing through Rhein Lab
      Use the Rhein/MM color reporting system and spreadsheets comparing previous test results (as well as Rhein’s standard reporting format if valuable)
    • Testing and monitoring procedures as described in Patient Agreements and educational videos.
    • Telemedicine protocol
      i. Register and pay for ($35/month HIPAA secure telemedicine portal).
      ii. Patient agrees to have initial and annual physical and female exam from her local physician or nurse practitioner. Patient arranges for you to receive records of that exam from patient’s health provider.
      iii. Patient has care from her preferred local provider for all health needs requiring in-person office visits.
  5. Additional Specific components of the Certification Program.
    • Case review with Dr. Rosensweet or professional staff (no charge)
      i. Initially: review all cases.
      ii. Subsequent phase: review your challenging cases only.
    • Familiarity with abstracts of the 86 references to our medical literature found in the “Downloads” in the “Members Area.”
    • Read a copy of Dr Rosensweet’s book, Happy Healthy Hormones.

We hold this to be an evolving, constantly improving, method. We look forward to your participation, your ideas, and the benefits that come from working together towards the common goal of the best menopause medicine we’re capable of creating!


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