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A free starter kit for you and your office, including demonstration materials, dosage determination charts and symptoms cards for your patients.
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The key to compliance is clear direction. This kit contains prescription application demonstration bottles, laminated “Finding Your Optimal Dose” cards to give to your patients, and initial application protocols to walk them through the first phases of titration. Order one kit for every practitioner in your office. These kits, combined with the titration and application videos below, are designed to save you time with each patient and to help each woman clearly understand just how, when and where to apply her hormones. Compliance!

Videos for your patients

Embed these videos in your website or share the link. They are designed to save both you and your staff time, to help your patients understand both titration and proper application, and improve compliance.

Menopause Questionnaires
An online, HIPAA compliant, female questionnaire. A complete medical record with a summary page, customized for your office.
The patient information most pertinent to menopause treatment. Three separate questionnaires: a complete medical record for new patients (with quick-glance summary page), a short form questionnaire that can be sent prior to all follow-up consultations, an annual visit questionnaire. All questionnaires are branded for your practice, stored on a HIPAA compliant server and only accessible by you and your office.

13 hours of Video Powerpoint education:

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