MM-ELDER for Women

Bio-Identical Hormones for the Majority of Women Over 75
For the treatment of sarcopenia, cognitive loss, urinary dysfunction and more.

  • Simple compliance
  • One pump per day


  • To verify clinical the efficacy of MM-Elder formulation for women over 75
  • To optimize dosages of hormones in the formulation


MM-Elder for Women (or, MM-Elder-S*)

DTD: 40 grams (80 days) or 80 grams (160 days)
Sig: One pump (0.5 ml) q.d., rubbed into soft forearms

*MM-Elder-S has 1/2 the dosages of each hormone constituent. It is for the “sensitive” woman, or the woman you want to start at lower dosages. If they do well, on MM-Elder-S, they can increase to two pumps per day, then eventually switch to MM-Elder.

  • If breast tenderness develops on MM-Elder, switch to MM-Elder-S.
  • If patient becomes groggy from MM-Elder or MM-Elder-S (from progesterone), switch to application prior to sleep.

Study Protocol:

  • Measure hormone levels prior to treatment and again one month after first dose
  • Complete one page MM-Elder Questionnaire prior to treatment and again one month, three months, and six months after first dose

To Participate:

  • Complete MM-Elder Questionnaire(for each participating patient) and email to
  • Testing: Have patient perform 24 hour urine hormone test prior to beginning treatment. Contact Ingrid at Rhein Lab (503-292-1988 or her about shipping kits to your office and/or direct to patient, and the Medicare billing process
  • Prescribe MM-Elder for Women from TW Wellness (pharmacy contact info above)
  • Have patient perform second 24 hour urine hormone test one month into treatment (be sure they are applying TM-Elder during urine collection period)
  • Complete 2nd MM-Elder Questionnaire at time of urine collection (one month after first dose).
  • Complete 3rd and 4th questionnaires at three and six months after first dose

To prescribe:

TW Wellness Pharmacy:

Tom White RPh.

P: 505-717-2342
F: 505-4922549

Contains: Bi-Est, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, and Pregnenolone
Cost: 40 grams $72.20. 80 grams $129.00

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Success Stories

  • Thank you for a wonderful seminar. I think that the 1.5 day could have been twice as long to share all the information. I am reviewing the information and am trying to put it all together in my mind. Again, thank you for sharing your experience, wisdom and time!

    Amy Votta ARNP
  • This material gives me the confidence I need to feel like I am giving excellent and safe care to women...

    Drue Wagner M.D.
  • Thanks for the seminar. It was great!

    Doreen DeStefano ND
  • Dear Dr. Rosensweet, The conference was wonderful. Such good info, thought out for patient’s and providers. I had a really good feeling the whole week-end. I want to let people know what you have done for women and their hormone problems! I am really excited to get started. And thanks for such wonderful knowledge (yours) info, research, organization and caring.

    Sharon Krieger ARNP
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