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The menopause Method’s Medical Board is made up of Ph.D.s, scientists, pharmacists, and medical practitioners that have committed significant portions of their lives to improve the standard of care of hormone medicine.

Together we seek to improve patient outcomes and the health and happiness of practitioners by creating a rigorous education program along with ongoing care, training, and support, to continue research and never to stop learning and sharing so that all humans can benefit from the best hormone care we can be part of shaping. We are committed to creating systems and tools to make the process clearer and more straightforward, to improve patient compliance, and to, ultimately, beneficially impact the world by helping millions of humans through this important and amazing phase of life.

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Bioidentical hormones are identical to what our bodies produce. This is unlike traditionally prescribed hormones which are intentionally different from our own (nothing that can be found in the human body can be patented).

Most people use the word “replacement”. We love “replenishment” because it represents, for us, the true nature of these hormones. They don’t replace anything! Our bodies never stop needing hormones and yet our capabilities to produce them declines with time. Replenishing hormones makes a world of difference for almost every element of the human body.

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There, she will find all that she needs to get started prescribing your hormone prescriptions in our organic base.

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