Why it’s important work

The benefits of hormone replenishment are substantial:

Why treatment in general?

Adequate hormones are critical for energy, sleep, mood, weight, muscles, bones, cognition, bladder, vagina, arteries, libido. Your patients may not have faced these yet, nor know the importance of hormone therapy, but they will… and you can be in a position to effect great change.

What does the medical literature reveal are the risks vs rewards of treatment? That carefully prescribed bio-identical hormones reduce the risk of serious medical diagnoses, including breast cancer, compared with no treatment. Conversely, there is a near certainty of increased health decline without treatment. The benefits go far beyond the reduction of symptoms.

Why our method?

Even unrefined treatment programs have been shown to reduce relative risk. Our method is based around customized hormonal dosing and precise hormonal testing: producing a unique regimen for each patient based around her individual hormonal needs. The closer we get to perfect hormone replenishment, after all, the more good we do!

We keep it simple and clear for her too. We help her to understand what she needs to apply, where she needs to apply it, and when. We believe, that the more she understands the process, the more she will appreciate the journey and the better she will comply. We all do best, after all, with clarity!

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