Why you may love it

When menopause medicine is done right…

  • The work is satisfying: most of your patients will feel profound relief and the long-term benefits will ultimately mean more to them than they may ever know.
  • The value you bring can build sincere loyalty from both your patients and the practice you work for. You’ll have a specialized skill-set that is hard to replicate and valuable wherever you go. Value, of course, often translates into higher job satisfaction, higher pay, and more job security.

Because best-practices dictate that a woman patient receives 2.3 hours of consultation over the course of her first year:

Menopause medicine is a true win-win-win:

  • The extra billable hours are beneficial for the practice
  • Your skills lead to happier healthier patients
  • You have the opportunity to have more fun, make more money, and do more good in the world!

Menopause lends itself exquisitely to telemedicine which allows:

  • You to extend your patient base to your entire state (and any other states you may be licensed in).
  • Your patients have the convenience of consulting with you without travel.
  • You to be anywhere on the planet when you consult with your patients.

We’ve built our method to work:

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